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Topics: Virtue, Happiness, Social philosophy Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Personal Ethics Statement


June 10, 2012
Douglas Perez

Personal Ethics Statement

Ethics are values that are nurtured in an individual by society influences and personal experience. I would like to believe that I have grown up in an unbiased society where respect, honesty and fairness are valued above all, and my experience has taught me to cherish these values, as they are not very common. By nature, I am a very pensive individual, and I usually spend a lot of time thinking about the consequences of my actions before I make a move. I try to balance the rationality and my sensibility to establish my next course of action, and I was surprised to find that this was exactly what the ethical lens exercise says about my ethical code of conduct. My preferred ethical lens

According to the ethical lens inventory, my preferred ethical lenses are the rights/responsibility lens and the results lens. I tend to believe that an action is ethical if the results that come from it are good and create the greatest happiness from within and if each person is exultant then we can all create a community of congruence. To me, an ethical act is one which is consistent with good character. I value individual balance and restraint in the desires for pleasure as I seek to satisfy my duties; and I believe that people should strive to demonstrate wisdom in practical matters and foresight while acting with enlightened self-interest in any particular situation (University of Phoenix, 2012).

My blind spot
The drawbacks I must be careful to avoid in trying to lead an ethical life are just as numerous as the good points pointed out in my ethical lenses. According to the exercise, at times I fail to be accountable to those who are dependent on me when I exercise my free will. There are times that I’ve satisfied my own needs and become complacent, leaving problems unresolved in the long-term and leave everyone to fend for themselves....
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