Personal Ethics Statement

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Personal Ethics Statement

April 01, 2012

Personal Ethics Statement
My ethical perspective as identified by the Ethical Lens Inventory shows that I listen to my intuition, to determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community. I am one who is concerned about the well-being of the community, and I like to make people happy, if it will benefit the community as a whole. I make virtuous choices and tend to assume that everyone will make the correct decisions. With my blind spot, I run the risk of having unrealistic expectations of people. I tend to forget that people will still make mistakes and so will I.

My personal ethics are that people need to take moral responsibility for their own actions, to not cheat or lie about their work. When we are writing a paper we must always cite our work, so that our instructors know that we have not cheated and that we are honest. With my values, I will demonstrate courage and steadiness in the face of obstacles. I tend to avoid rash actions while charting an untested course. I value connections and friendship, appreciating those who work with me.

I define an ethical person as one with sound character traits and habits of thoughtful reflection. I find those who demonstrate strong leadership in their roles and who encourage other to do the same exemplify ethical behavior. Because my concern for the community and when I am at my best, I do have compassions for others, I am more apt to help people shy away from taking any actions that may hurt their chances of getting a superior education. I do not enjoy seeing myself or another student get into trouble because they are not honest, so I will also let them know when they are indulging in dishonest behavior.

According to my Ethical Lens Inventory, I run the risk of not having enough compassion for people....
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