Personal Ethics Statement

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Personal Ethics Statement
Jessica Dockery
February 28, 2012
Jennifer Meunier

Personal Ethics Statement
To be ethical means to do the right thing and to be the best person one knows how without being judgmental of others, especially if their intentions are honorable. One should get in the habit of displaying good values and morals at all times. When thinking of a personal ethics statement, the Ten Commandments come to mind. The Ten Commandments state that thou shall have no other gods, no graven images or likenesses, not take the Lord’s name in vain, remember the Sabbath day, honor thy father and thy mother, thou shall not kill, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, thou shall not bear false witness, and thou shall not covet. These things were taught and practiced even in the bible days and have been passed on from generation to generation. Although these commandments are not taken into consideration at all times, it is known that this is the way one should try living their life daily.

The ethics game helped to determine the level of morals, values, and standards a person has. It also explained how one might deal or reason in certain situations. After completing the ethical lens inventory, no ethical lens was determined. This means that the preferred lens was neither periscope nor paralysis. A person that is neither periscope nor paralysis sees the gifts and weaknesses of both and is able to adapt to different situations and get the best results possible. This type of person is non judgmental and considers all things before coming to a conclusion. According to the ethical lens inventory, autonomy and equality are valued equally. Their belief is that everyone has a valid point. No blind spot was determined. The maturity of this person sees both strengths and weaknesses and is able to bring together the four core values of autonomy, equality, rationality, and sensibility. There is a downside to being able to see everyone’s...
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