Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement

My personal ethic views are combined with right and full responsibility toward what I believe is right for others. Ethics can reveal and indicate issues that concern behaviors from right or wrong and the good and bad habits of each and individual character. Ethics involves the principles and assumptions underpinning the way those ought to conduct themselves. In this paper I will like to discuss my personal guidelines and ethical development that will inform you of my point of view and origins of ethic behaviors. As our world continues to change every day, the one thing that remains constant is how our personal value and beliefs. Ethic handles our individual’s lifestyle, and can result with our behaviors from right or wrong, good and bad habits of every one. This individual value has a strong effect on the way people live and the choices they make. Everyone has their own opinions that many won’t agree. There can be disagreements that can lead to negative attitudes and arguments to determine what is right and wrong. My ethical beliefs are constantly developed through my experiences in my life that I encounter constantly. I sometimes don’t think about my decisions twice, because of my common sense. Most of them I know right away if the decision I will make are right or wrong. This is how I know I have some experience with ethical decisions, learning never has a limit! I have had several influences that have influenced my beliefs, attitudes and concept of morality has all been observed and corrected by my parents, church and various family members. As a child I was taught core values that I received and understood, I have learned to treat each individual equally as I want to be treated, and to respect all individuals. My family taught me the importance to always ask for something, but most important to understand that nothing in this life is earned without hard work, sacrifice and to appreciate it. Education is very important...
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