Personal Ethics Paper

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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Personal Ethics Paper
Fernando De La Peña Llaca
April 11, 2011
Thomas Poole

Personal Ethics Paper
Ethics plays a big role in my life and also in my company, skip ethics in any situation can means a shortcut, a shortcut to a dead-end. Ethics is the way the morale and values prevail and using ethics in life brings big rewards. Because I am beginning a new stage in my life, especially in my academic life taking a master’s degree at University of Phoenix there is no difference; ethics will play a big role in this stage of personal improvement. The Student Code of Academic Integrity is a guide to understand the code of ethics of the university and match this ethics with my own principles to apply it during my studies at University of Phoenix. Do not do that

One of the most commons mistakes is plagiarism; I personally do not like that, especially because I understand the hard work to do to create something. In my professional life I have several patents. It takes too much hard work to create, to test, to obtain perfection or at least very close and also very expensive to have a patent. I understand the hard work of innovation and what plagiarism means, so to do that also in the school is not right. I am taking a master’s degree so that means be very professional with a code of ethics, so cheating or talking a shortcut as I mentioned before will take anybody to a dead end. We are in the information era, so there is too much information on the Internet. We just need to type something in Google and there will be much information about any topic, so in the university I will try to have extra care. My intention is not to plagiarism other’s work, also it is frequently that I may have read it from some other place in the past, so when I am writing a paper like I am doing at this time I need to review first if it is my idea, something that I remember and if this is the case I will try to Google it to make a proper citation and not make unintentional...
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