Personal Ethics Development Phl 323

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Personal Ethics Development

Personal ethics and how they become in an individual. How is one taught to have certain values, and ethics to survive in the world today? Through family, friends, and schools we are taught to have good ethics when dealing with people. Whether these people are in America, or in China you should treat everyone with the same respect. I was raised in a two parent household. My parents raised myself and my brothers together. My parents taught us about right and wrong, and what is considered proper communication skills with others. From a young age I interacted with people that were much older than me. My Mom owned her own business so we would go there and hang out, and sometimes work. Being around adults taught me how to get a long and work with other people. This also taught me how to communicate with adults, instead of acting like a punk kid I could be professional and act like an adult. Of course I knew how to act like a punk kid too. Growing up being around adults and kids I developed an ethical system that helped me to succeed. My ethics on how to treat people, and what to say at the right time for given situations kept me out of trouble. If you can treat people with respect, and dignity they will respect you back. I figured this out quickly. I was always able to charm my friends’ parents since I knew how to communicate with adults. This of course meant that they trusted me even though I was not an angel. My values were good, my morals not perfect, yet I was trusted. Being trusted as a kid, teenager was a huge advantage. I was able to have more freedom, and do more things. When you are trusted by adult’s life is much easier. With good ethics you are able to earn the respect of the adults/parents. With this you can communicate more freely and learn things. I think that kids that can communicate with adults have an advantage, since they can learn more from adults then children. There is a point in my...
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