Personal Ethics

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Personal Ethics

The individual standards that establish my personal world view and the philosophy of nursing are the nurses in my opinion breathe and live nursing. This profession of nursing is all encompassing, self-governing, and mutual. Nursing involve providing care to all without any discrimination of age or sex, well or sick, communities, families, groups, and this takes rest in all setting. This view of nursing enables me to consider the psychosocial, the spiritual and the physical factors in the field of training. I have erudite to apply decision making and critical thinking in my delegation and evaluation in care of nursing. The manner a culture sees a particular illness conclude my view on this nursing profession, if their culture is inculcated how they treat each other with compassion and care. I believe the kind of cultural values the people sees or have towards the sick shows a thoughtful impact on how a terminally ill person copes with her or his illness. Compassion and care plays a chief part in the process of healing of an ailing person. There ought to be some kind of cultural ethics in every society groups so that people can take care of their sick. This kind of vision made me move toward a patient with compassion and care so that the process of healing become shorter. Showing compassion and care enhance shared communication among a patient and a doctor (Quinn, 1992). So then this is what strengthens the cultural approval of any particular life-threatening diseases such as AIDS.

Compassion and care determine the path that a physical illness could take. Spirituality

plays a major role in a time of illness and crisis as it permit one to connect to the nature, self,

others, and God. It is a way to cope with grieving. Life threatening sickness can be a crisis on

various levels and could be psychological, familial, spiritual, or social. Spiritual practices and

religious beliefs are crucial and affect the meaning of physical, emotional, illness, and well-

being. Also it’s crucial to health care decisions mainly for individuals facing life threatening

illnesses. I believe that social and spiritual components should all be integrated since they

increase the quality of dying and of life. They also support the essential self-respect of the

patients and their families.

Nursing is a loving and caring profession (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2001). The values in this profession are strategies for teaching and integrating core standards. Those values that are to be observed in the nursing practice are autonomy, empathy, social justice, altruism, integrity, and dignity. These kinds of values make sure the nurses’ heritage of caring behavior is strengthens the future of nursing personnel.

Ethics refers to the principles that direct nurses to operate in agreement to their profession. These values are ethics that need to be observed while taking care of the patients. Nightingale’s (1969) advice on specific issues of behavior of nurses and moral conduct should be remembered. Moral interpretation in nursing refers to personal or private interpretation of what is right or wrong. My personal values may come in conflict with a commitment I took and a divergence arises if a patient presents something that contradicts my own moral code. But I cannot put aside my moral codes to provide care for the patient. When I face with such a situation, my belief will cause me to excuse my-self from providing any care to that particular patient. These value systems enhance the maintenance of professional and personal integrity. An abortion even it is been medically legal, to me still it is immoral and I believe that it should not be procure unless the mother is in danger. Since I would not want to procure an abortion because a law permits, it may direct to an ethical dilemma. Because of my belief I could not even attend a physician who is procuring it. I also...
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