Personal Ethics

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Personal EthicsMy Personal Ethics and What it means to me

Having good ethics is very important to me, and it’s something I strive for in every aspect of my life. I believe that a person who has good ethics is one that exhibits responsibility, respect for others, common sense and determination. An ethical person is one who strives at being good and fair; someone who wants to make the right choice every time. As I read over my Ethical Lens Inventory, I was both pleased and surprised by some of the results. I found that I am a person who listens mostly to intuition. I try to determine the best for each and every individual. I am tempered by rationality and I tend to follow my heart when making wise decisions. When faced with obstacles, I try to use imagination, optimism, and courage to guide me through it. My blind spot showed that I sometimes fail at being accountable to those who are dependent on me. I run the risk of becoming self-righteous, which means I believe I have higher morals than others. I also run the risk of driving away the few friends I have, due to my obsession of what I feel my role’s responsibilities are. To determine a course of action using my personal ethics, I need to look deep inside myself and find what best defines me as a person. My principles and morals help to shape me into the ethical person I am. One example that comes to mind involves a stray cat that lives on our deck. This cat has been coming around since the weather has gotten colder. As an animal lover, I cannot let this creature freeze or starve to death in front of my eyes. Yet, on the other hand, I have a young son and two cats living in my home. Morally, I want to help this animal, but I need to be practical. I need to put the safety of my family first. This stray animal could be sick or diseased. It could attack my son or my cats and cause injury to them. I have decided that this cat will continue to live outdoors, however I will do what I can to make...
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