Personal Ethical Statement

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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L. E. S. is more My ethical perspective on humankind, and our moral obligation to it, is “L. E. S. is more”. I have created this statement for myself using an acronym to depict those values in life which represent to me our meaning and purpose while in existence with each other. Each of these characteristics has a very specific, yet integrated relationship with the others to encompass my belief in our life responsibility. As I describe each of these components in this equation of humanity, the “L. E. S. is more” theory will be revealed in full detail. Love, I adamantly believe, is our greatest gift to experience while we have the opportunity to do so. To have the honor to give another human being the feeling of acceptance, warmth, and openness of heart, is truly a gift to embrace and cherish. We each have some form, or ability, with which to provide another person with a receptive attitude and understanding of their contributions to their environment. Within each individual, exists a desire to feel the welcoming acceptance of another person. The level of acceptance may vary depending upon the individual preference in respect to degrees of communication or physical affection, however, for most people, the drive for love and receptiveness is very strong. By having the understanding of this commonality for love, we ought to provide each other with the respect we each deserve through open reception, warmth of spirit, and considerate communication. To me, Respect is the most ultimate form of love and understanding toward another human being that we can give to each other. Encouragement is imperative to the human spirit, in my opinion, and far too underdeveloped in our world. Our ability to succeed, in most aspects of life, is...
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