Personal Essay Unlikely Friendships

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Unlikely Friendships

Recently, I have taken into account certain relationships in my life and how much they affect and mean to me. One relationship in particular has greatly affected me. My parent’s two black Labrador Retrievers, Mookie, who is thirteen and Mya, who is eleven, (91 and 77 in human years) whose time on this earth is limited. While they are both not my pets, I cherish them both. As I’ve grown, I’ve been wondering about how life will be when they are not around.

They came into my life about eight years ago. I was ten years old at the time and my father had just started dating a woman, who is now my stepmother. Before I knew it, my father had informed me she was moving in and she would be bringing her two dogs with. Fortunately for my stepmother, the dogs and I instantly clicked. At the time Mookie was five and Mya was three and still had a face of a puppy. They were never frightened or uncomfortable by their new environment. However, whenever there was a thunderstorm, they would shake uncontrollably to the extent they could not walk and if there was a storm when we weren’t home, it was certain there was always a mess when we returned. I’ll never forget the first summer they were at the house and we had gone out with some family friends and it had stormed while we were gone. Well, when we had returned and walked in, they managed to rip the entire carpet in our living room to shreds along with the matting underneath. They had been so terrified they were trying to dig themselves to the basement. Rather than run and hide from the damage they had created as most dogs do, they had run directly to me and leaned against me for protection.

They were very trustworthy from the start, which was essential for me. My mother and father had split when I was a very young child and I always had had an issue with trust. The fact that these two animals that didn’t know me trusted me and came to me when they were scared made a profound...
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