Personal Essay: Senior Skip Day

Topics: Trey Songz, Lane, Automobile Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Briana Benn
Prof. Lee
Engl 1101-001
Senior Skip Day

As I heared the squealing of the tires, my heart started to beat faster and faster and felt like it had worked its way up further up my chest. The rain seemed like it had come to a standstill and it was like I heard each rain drop hit the windshield one by one as the unexpected was about to happen. The thoughts of what could possibly happen were flashing before my eyes as I prepared for what was about to happen. All I could do is say a quick prayer and hope for the best so I closed my eyes and just let it happen.

It all started early that Monday morning. The weekend had just passed and I was not looking forward to getting up and going to school. On top of that it was freezing and raining like crazy. I decided that I would just check into school late, after I picked up my friend Ashanti. We figured no one would know since my parents were out of town and I provided my own transportation. That decision had a consequence that I would never imagine happening.

We called a couple of my friends and shared the plan with them. They liked the idea and we all met at Ihop for breakfast. By now school has started and was well far off into first period. After talking and laughing our butts off I came up with the bright idea to just not go to school at all. All of our responses were the same, “were seniors, last year let’s just do it’’.

We would have to figure out something to do until school was released because going back home would have been too risky. Around this time Paranormal Activity had just came out. So one of my friends said “let’s go to the movies!’’ Paranormal Activity came was only showing at certain theaters. The closest theater that was playing the movie was about 30 minutes away.

Everyone agreed to go. There were three drivers out of the four of us. There was no need for all of us to drive so of course I was voted to be the designated driver for the day. We all piled up in my 2003...
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