Personal Essay: Enrolling in California State University, Fresno

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1 May 2013

CSU Fresno
What do I want to be when I grow up? Im the type of girl who likes to take it day by day. Lately I’ve had to think about my future and I have finally decided what I want in life. I want to Major in Criminology and Minor in Psychology. I want to attend California State University, Fresno. Fresno University is the college that provides the most opportunities and advantages for my future. Fresno State is Located at 5241 North Maple Ave, Fresno California 93740. It is located towards the Middle of Fresno. It has multiple restraints and shopping malls around it. The college is like it’s own community as well. It is a Public school so anybody can attend. If you live in Modesto California it is about two hours away from here. It isn’t to far from home, but yet it will give you your space. Fresno State teaches you how to live on your own and become an adult. Fresno State offers many Degrees. They offer 62 Bachelor’s,44 Masters,2 Doctrates,50 Credentials, and 46 Certificate Programs. A few things you can major and minor in is Physical Therapy, Art, Performing arts, Philosophy, Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Business, Creative writing, Agriculture, and many more. You can also create your own major and the counselors will help you build that up and make your classes around what you want to do. They also have 34 nationally accredited Programs. Two of them are the Military and Honors classes. They have so much to choose from. Fresno State’s campus is 388 acres and there is a student body size of 21,981. They have over 200,000 students that have graduated since 1911. If you have any questions about Fresno you can call 1.559.278.2261.

Admissions at California State University, Fresno is fairly easy. The same time every year you will do the same thing. In September you will need to Register at and you will need the following: * High School Transcripts

* SAT/ACT Scores
* STAR test...
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