Personal Essay: Birth of a Baby Sister

Topics: Family, Chocolate chip cookie, Childbirth Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Birth of My Baby Sister

"Congratulations on your new baby sister!" The young female nurse said with such enthusiasm that it made me smile with joy.

Waking up this morning was like any other day. I took a shower, got dressed, and went upstairs to make breakfast-- fried eggs and syrupy pancakes-- for my two younger brothers. In general my brothers can be described as cranky and well just annoying in the morning. They prefer to watch Pokemon, Ben 10, and sponge bob all day long which bore me to death because I've seen the reruns at least fifty times. So my morning was just like well any other day, except my mom wasn't home. This was unusual because my mom is always home. Just then I remembered she was at the doctor's office for a weekly checkup with her OB/GYN doctor.

We didn't expect my mom to give birth so early in the month so it was a huge surprise for all of us. I had gotten a call early in the afternoon from my uncle letting us know he will be picking us up in less than an hour. At the same time I received another call from my step dad letting us know my mom already gave birth. I was so confused and my palms were sweaty and I was already screaming at the top of my lungs for my brothers to get their glued eyes off the extremely loud TV so we could all get dressed. As the oldest child I was running around the house ordering everyone to assigned tasks. My sister was making a second batch of chocolate chip cookies that hadn’t made it to the oven yet, so we couldn’t eat them even when the good smell was all around the kitchen and hall. I, on the other hand, got half dressed and then remembered I needed to pack some clothes for my mom who would be staying at the hospital tonight. I scrambled to get some pants, shirts, a bathrobe, slippers, socks, and a pair of pajamas--who knew I’d have to pack so much for a hospital stay.
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