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Topics: Basketball, Dance, Father Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Personal essay- first draft: how African music and dance is personal to me

I- Beginning of my life- Introduction to African music and dance Music and dance have always been present in my life. My father and mother being both musicians and dancers influenced and inspired me to develop my musical talents starting at a very young age. At three years old I was already learning how to drum and dance. My father founded his dance school in 1992, the Djoniba Dance and Drum Center was my home, my life. Every Saturday was devoted to taking dance classes. My father was my dance teacher and a role model for me. When I was young I wanted to be just like him. My parents always supported me when it came to my talents in music and dance. My dad was often severe and strict with me, like any dad who loves his children, and through his knowledge and discipline, I was able to learn how to dance and drum. When I was young and even now, music and dance were a major aspect of my life. Whenever my dad taught an African dance class I would strap my drum and drum next to him, mimicking his every move, trying to be just like him. Whenever my dad traveled, my mom would play videos of my dad’s past dance performances, and I would try to mimic his every move because my father was my hero. Being a great musician and dancer was my primary goal in life. The vivid African music always resonated in my heart and mind. Whenever my dad or his musicians played the drums, it felt as if I were transported into another world. It was a magical and beautiful world filled with beautiful colours, both dark and light where everything made sense to me, everything was absolutely perfect. The wave of sensations that overtook my body was incredible. Even though my father wasn’t African by birth he was indeed by spirit, I felt and still feel the same way. What I love most about African dance and music was the unity and harmony that exists between both the dance and the music. They complement each other. Every...
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