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Topics: Family, Asthma, Parent Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Amanda Ladd
Personal Trait Essay Outline

I’ am a compassionate, patient and confident individual who is anxious to apply my knowledge and abilities to sick young children through pediatric nursing I. The love and compassion that I have for my niece Savannah made it possible to make sure that she would be raised in a loving, successful, and well balanced family. A. The living situation Savannah was in was extremely dangerous and needed immediate attention 1. Savannah was hospitalized several times for not receiving the proper medical care. 2. Both of her Biological parents were neglectful in every aspect of her young childhood B. I contacted Child Services on behalf of my niece for her protection. 1, The state of Florida granted me legal guardianship 2. I sued my sister and Savannahs father for their parental rights to be terminated C. I adopted Savannah after a long three year battle in court. 1. Savannah is now in perfect health.

2. She now lives in a great safe environment.

II. My daughter Ava has lived with being sick for 6 years, throughout this time and dealing with her illness it has taught me the importance of patience with children and adults of all ages. A. Ava has chronic Asthma and Allergies that affect her in all aspects of everyday life. 1. Ava has to take several medications and breathing treatments every week. 2. She can’t do everyday things that other children do like running, sleepovers. B. I tried to make the experience of doctors and hospitals fun for her. 1. We sing songs during her breathing treatments.

2. We watch movies and play fun games to make the time go by faster 3. Ava is allowed to pick out a present for doing well with her meds and Dr. Visits. C. Ava is now able to handle her illness better.

1. She is no longer afraid of going to the Dr. and the hospital 2. Ava also now knows what signs and symptoms to look for with...
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