Personal Essay

Topics: Sui generis, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Personal Essay
Are there any significant experiences you have had or accomplishments you have realized that have helped to define you as a person?

Staring in a mirror, I glimpsed an elation running along her lip. My eyes perceived a reflection of a figure, a figure identical as mine, a twin by feature, a portrayer by glass. Who would think I would able to reach this point in time? Once, formed by fidelity, a sacchariferous and naïve child infiltrate in the lives of all. Nowadays, molded by experiences, an eldritch and assailable teen train to be the frontline of my awaiting future combats and test by fate. Soon, used to conflicts, a betaken and an olden maiden becomes a wellspring of the next generation. For what I am today I will always gratify our Creator and Provider for he given unpredictable experience but promising aftermaths in breathe. Experience is an embryo of remonstrance of all entity. I misinterpreted remonstrance and conceiving them that they are designed to be the foe of mine but beyond the curtains, they are truly an ally whatever the outcome be or whether they’ll be products of failure or accomplishments. Accomplishments innovates optimum potential me as an individual and pioneers my masked aptitudes. For instances, I deemed myself as a horrible artist, hopeless but the time when I was a recipient of highest award as Grand Winner in the National Level of Katuparan On the Spot and Drawing Contest last 2007 when I was in Grade4. There were thousand different skilled competitors better than me accumulated, it was an astonishing moment. Never did I expect to gain such thing. This boosts myself-esteem and obtains trust not only in ability my in arts but also at my works and deeds. If it did not happened, there will be no confident me. Failures are not meant to bring as down but a gentle reminder that this is not the end. It strengthens me in facing the “real world”. It let me go beyond my boundaries and step out of my safe zone. Like what...
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