Personal Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Cosmetics, Customer service Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Personal Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

Students will think about and discuss how they can position themselves as a brand. Elements of discussion could include how to use entrepreneurial marketing to position themselves in relation to other job candidates; using segmentation technique to align their strengths with the needs of prospective employers or customers.

In this assignment I have decided to go deeper into the new business idea that has been taking shape inside my head. I have decided to write this paper showing how I can market this new business to customers and myself to manage and market this store.

As an entrepreneur I have an idea in mind that I have not seen yet. A beauty store, that carries high end cosmetic products and offer hair salon services; however, what differentiates this store from any other cosmetic store or hair salon is the environment and additional services provided. This store, is more than just that a store, it is a lounge that has babysitting and childcare services provided for busy moms who want to shop and get their hair taken care of freely without being too far away from their children. The ideal person to manage this place is me, I envisioned it.

To be able to not only manage this place, but also market it at the same time takes a person who is knowledgeable about women various cosmetics needs and how to properly diagnose them, this person has to have strong communication skills to conduct training of employees in how to be representatives of the store and properly market it with every sale, also this person has to be business oriented in order to ensure profit maximization and low operating expenses without compromising quality. The value of this store I have envisioned is based on both performance value and relational value. When a woman walks into this store, she can be confident that her kids will be taken care of by staff certified for child care, also, she will know that if she is receiving hair...
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