Personal Effectiveness

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You are your own business. No-one else is responsible for your development’. Consider this statement in the light of personal development and, in particular, how we learn. Draw on learning theory and provide personal examples to identify and examine your preferred learning style. Conduct a skills audit to assess the current levels of your own transferable skills, (you do not need to submit this) reflecting on and developing insights into, your own behaviour and its impact on others.


Organisations today are witnessing high levels of competition. In the advent of the recession we have seen many organisation struggles to survive and some have gone burst. Organisations today are on a look out for employee that can demonstrate their ability to learn and develop innovate ideas, products and services that can give them an edge on competition. With so many graduate and not enough jobs, its all about you and your ability to sell yourself, that can take you to the next level of you career. This establishes the need for Personal development. Understanding the nature of learning, and the different styles in which people learn, is crucial, in order to promote individual personal development and business profitability within organizations credo reference (2009a) What is Personal Development

According to Guirdham (2002) Personal development is about satisfying our potential, increasing our ability and continuous improvement at work and life with meaning and satisfaction. This can be distinguished from organisational development which looks at the individual fulfilling organisation needs, while on the other hand Personal development addresses individual work development and lifestyle issues (David and Stephen, 2010). Guirdham (2002, p.132) goes on to argues that the choice to develop our self is in our own hand. ‘ Other can set the scene, supply role models, give encouragement, provide support, propose methods and means, set up mechanism, give advice, impart knowledge and provide contacts but the learner is a the heart of the development process.’ Examples of this situation can be seen at work place environment where some certain individuals can make use of a particular technology i.e. computer program and yet another can’t despite working in that organisation for a long while. From the individual perspective, Personal development is about how you deal with life; control your feelings, emotions, and reactions. Personal development enables you acquiring high level of transferable skill; like critical refection, working creatively with others, self-direction, self-disciple, management of time and resource, and learning to deal with all situation in a positive manner. These skills can be transfer to the work place. Guirdham and Tyler (1992) list some of these skills as follows: * Self Management. Involves accountability for own live, and getting to know ourselves. * Learning. acquiring new knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences and drawing on cognitive, behaviourist and experimental learning theories. * Obtaining and using good quality information.

* Recognising, creating and evaluating opportunities.
* Performing .satisfying other by what we produce.
* Changing. Adapting and assisting other to adapt to change from the environment. For Personal development to be achievable it must be carefully planned, structured and reflected upon, this is otherwise know as Personal Development Planning. This process also involves acquiring skills and knowledge. This brings too the fore the importance of Continuous Learning, which is a learning process that does not cease, and will lead to the process of attainment of personal development (Carter McNamara, 2010). Learning Theories

Burns (1995) cited in Lee Dunn (2002) defines learning as ‘a relatively permanent change in behaviour with behaviour including both observable activity and internal processes such as thinking, attitudes and...
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