Personal Diery Counselling

Topics: Self-esteem, Emotion, Bullying Pages: 9 (2827 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Counseling level 3

My Personal Journal

As I arrived for the course I realised I was the first student to arrive. As others began to turn up we began to set out the room to make it less formal by positioning the chairs in a circle to give a more “homely” and welcoming feel. Our tutor is Jennifer, she began by explaining each week we have a menu to follow and we have to write a reflective journal based on the menu as part of our learning. Check in, intro exercise, fears, needs/expectations, paperwork and ethics.

On arriving in the morning I felt very apprehensive and nervous but, thankfully, I was the first one to arrive; there is nothing worse then being the new person walking into an already full class and feeling stared at..! As I sat down one other person arrived who asked me to help set out the room. I felt this person was very down to earth and his warm personality put me at great ease doubled with the fact he is from up north so we already had common ground.

Check in

The purpose of check in is an opportunity to offload any positive or negative feelings in a safe confidential environment, in order to clear any clutter we may have prior to beginning our learning day. It is also a good opportunity to build congruence trust and respect between students as this is good practice of using counselling skills such as listening and being “in tune” with a person or group.

As the check in began we took turns to off load.
Person A spoke about becoming a granddad and his new nick name of being called “granddad chops” which made us giggle. He felt too young to be a granddad at only being aged 40 but seems fairly positive about the coming new addition to the family although expressed some concerns of his son and partner having medical issues and brining up children.

Person B discussed his week and working voluntary in a local charity shop with his new love of dolls, this too brought some humour into the room, and the banter began between person A and person B. Eventually, we all had our turn at off loading and my self and one other was also welcomed to the course by all.

I felt very sick as it came closer to my turn to speak out and “throw my stuff out there”. On reflection I realized I hadn’t been very honest to the group as I tried to keep things as positive as possible because opening up and telling strangers what kind of week you have had is scary to the point of making you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Later, realizing that this is perhaps not only normal feelings for a person who has just entered an already well formed group and being new but also realizing that this is how a client would feel when meeting a counselor for the first time. Now having that experience it has given me some insight and understanding of how clients would feel and the importance of the counselor trying to make them feel comfortable and put them at ease. Although I felt nervous at speaking out in front of the group for the first time I did however feel a little more relaxed after hearing the batter between person A and person B as I thought I would fit in quite well, being that I have a cheeky sense of humor. However, I did feel slightly uneasy as to what the rules where during this “check in” period. I wasn’t quite sure if we were to be taking notes or if we were allowed to interact with the person speaking at that time. However, the rules became clearer as the day continued.

Intro Exercise to theory

Jenny began by explaining the importance of how music can play a therapeutic roll in counselling. She then went on to discuss how this is linked to armouring as I way of protecting ones self of feeling vulnerable to the out side world or to feel negative emotions in order to express them. For instance, when a person chooses to wear make up they are inadvertently creating a layer between themselves and the out side word in order to separate and protect...
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