Personal Development Plan

Topics: Leadership, Personality psychology, Learning styles Pages: 22 (5188 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Individual Essay:
Personal Development Plan

Student Name: Kaijian Chen
ID Number: 09282816
Module Name: People and Organizational Management
Module Number: 7MBSP0388
Module Lecturer: Philip Sayers
Word Count: 2372 words

My personal development plan will be based on analyzing my personality, my leadership style and my learning style. The objective of this essay is to initiate my own personal development plan. To begin with, there will be a part to evaluate my personality, combined with an online MBTI Personality Test. After that, my leadership style will be focused on and I will also analyze how this style shapes my career development. Then, I will depict which way of learning is suitable for my future development. To conclude, there will be an important part to examine my personal development action plan which will specifically list some essential and feasible activities to enrich my working competencies and skills so as to accomplish my own goals and objectives.

As Mullins (2005) states, “Psychologists have defined personality as consisting of stable characteristics which explain why a person behaves in a particular way”. Besides, to take a holistic view of personality, it is important to take into consideration the dynamic processes, which means focusing on the ways in which an individual’s traits interact. Armstrong (2006) indicates that personality can be regarded as the relatively stable and enduring aspects of individuals that distinguish them from other people. There are many type theories of personality which identifies numerous types of personality which can be used to classify people and many underlie a personality test. Additionally, one of the most widely used type theories is Carl Jung’s theory on which Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based (Mullins, 2005). MBTI, which is often applied to recruitment processes to select appropriate vacancy candidates for the given jobs, identifies sixteen types of personality based on individuals’ extroversion or introversion and their cognitive functions of thinking, feeling, sensation, intuition, perception and judgment. As Mullins states, MBTI has promoted substantial research interest, particularly in connection with the correlation between personality type, occupations and management style. However, MBTI has not demonstrated adequate validity and reliability although its popularity and use has been gradually increasing and there is not sufficient, well-designed research to justify the use of the MBTI in career counseling programs (Psychometric Success, 2009). On the other hand, types do not appear to predict individual future performance (Coffield, Moseley, Hall & Ecclestone, 2004). According to my MBTI personality test result, my personality is ESTJ. Specifically, initials stand for Extrovert, Sensation, Thinking and Judgment. This personality type may signify that the individuals are practical, realistic and decisive and they can quickly move to implement decisions (MBTI, 2011). Besides, they are good at organizing projects and people to get things done as well as focus on getting results in the most efficient way possibly. Additionally, they attach importance to routine details and have a clear set of logical standards, systematically follow them whilst requiring other people to follow that. They are forceful in implementing their plans (Mullins, 2005). Actually, I accept that I may belong to the kind of people possessing the personality of ESTJ. I believe that I can work efficiently and logically whilst I have a sense of responsibility and keep my promise. Based on my previous work experiences, I thoroughly know that I like order and pay attention to details. Moreover, I often make conclusions from past work experience and I am objective, have strong analysis and reasoning ability. On the other hand, I am really very realistic, thoughtful, and practical along with getting on with my work partners frankly, friendly....
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