Personal Development Plan

Topics: Learning, Leadership, Skill Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Example 1
Current skills and personal qualities that I possess now:
• Courage ;
• Sociability;
• Tenacity;
• Ability to inspire people;
• Creativity;
• Ability to take directions from people (only if I find the directions useful); • Confidence;
• Fearlessness in comprehending new IT;
• Analyzing skills;
• Punctuality;
• Ability to listen to someone attentively;
• Ability to make wide research on different topics;
• Tolerance;
• Sober mind;
The listed features were developed in the environment where people look nonstandard (with tattoos, piercing, dreadlocks), but they stay talented, creative and brave. We had many projects together: concerts, internet advertisement, exhibitions and party organization. My family also played a big role in forming personality with giving me freedom and right of choice. Skills and qualities I want to develop:

• Public speaking skills
- Time needed: 6 months;
- Useful resources: audio and video records with good speech (in the library, on web), books about psychological strategies in oration , making presentations, visiting the Debate Club ; - I will be confident in my public speaking skills after the successful presentation without nervous mind condition; • Calmness in difficult situations

- One month;
- Facing more stressing cases, taking part in the WIUT social life and trying to react adequately to sudden problems; - If I feel calm and confident in an unexpectedly appeared dilemma, I will understand that the task is reached. • Getting more information in short period of time

- One month;
- Forming a habit of “high-speed life”, training memory and attention with self-discipline and books; - When I acknowledge that I remember old information given a month ago, I will be sure the willing is fulfilled. • Responsibility

- One year;
- Realizing the importance of hard working and my own adulthood, making decisions on my own, driving car, making money; - If my parents let me drive their car one day, I will...
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