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Progress statement


Boud states that to review an experience one must ‘recapture the experience, think about it, mull over and evaluate it’ (Boud et al. 1985) I will follow this piece of advice when constructing my progress statement and development plan, I will also heavily consulted Kolb’s 'Experiential Learning experience as a source of learning and development' cycle. He states that you go through an experience, then review it, conclude from it and finally plan the next stage. I followed this while making notes of what to include in my progress statement. This way I felt that I was covering all necessary stages in reviewing the work that I had done.


When reviewing my first semester of studying Business and Management at Leeds Metropolitan University I feel a mixed set of emotions. Firstly, proud, proud to have been able to have moved from my hometown, Birmingham, moving where I wouldn’t have my mother cleaning up after me and doing other tasks that I heavily relied upon her for. However, I also feel a deep feeling of regret. When looking back I can see my flaws and where I could do with a vast improvement for future semesters during my time here. My time management skills have never been as good as they should be, and therefore I feel I could make a great deal of improvement in this area. My attendance to seminars and lectures has not been great and this has put me at a great disadvantage, especially when it’s come to completing assignments and no doubt I will feel this during my first undergraduate examinations I will have during January 2012.


When doing my Business Information and Management of Organisations assignment, I really procrastinated leaving it until the last 2 weeks of the semester; this left me feeling very tired, anxious and deteriorated. This in someway has affected the standard of work that I know I can produce. This has been an extremely valuable lesson and when being set future assignments I will use this as a lesson and reflect on how I felt during the last few weeks of term. Rowena Murray (2005) advises that writers should not ‘wait for the mood’, but to write something everyday, I will take this on board when doing further assignments and keep on top of the work I am set.


During the last few weeks before my friends and I return home for the Christmas period, they have all made the most of the last bit of time together, whereas because I have left my assignments so late, I have had to stay in for the majority of the time doing work. This could have been easily avoided had I got down to the work I had been given, when I had been given it. Leaving the work until the last minute also left me very confused and struggling, as the things I had learned about the assignments weren’t as clear to me several weeks after learning them. University is a much more individual learning experience than college was and therefore I have really felt the strain of being confused as help and guidance isn't as easily reached out for here in comparison to sixth form where there were considerably less amounts of people doing the same work as me.


However my lack of time management skills and procrastination haven’t always been noticeable during the first semester. One piece of work I have been happy with was my first assignment for my skills and development module; this included me working with a group of people to produce a film based around a case study we had given. Here I really took on a key role within the group and I feel we produced a piece of work we could all be very happy with. However, I feel that if I hadn’t been working in a team and hadn’t had people relying on me, I would have followed the same pattern of leaving things until late. When reflecting on this it really showed me that I was more bothered about other people doing well than on myself doing well. I really need to keep the main goal of why I am studying for a degree in business management in mind; therefore I feel...
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