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  • Published : July 23, 2010
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I was born in Vietnam in 1982. My family includes my parents, my older and younger sister and me. I was the middle child. In Vietnam, my mom is a dentist, while my dad is a construction engineer. My parents are educated and so they always stress about the importance of educations. They are both loving parents who work really hard to take care of my sisters and me. They always want to make sure we have a roof over our head, food on the tables, clothes to keep us warm. Both are working parents and we are in middle range income in society. Both of my parents have different religion. My dad is Buddhist and my mom is Catholic. However, they came up with agreement that my sisters and I both come to the church once a week and to the temple when needed. I also have two sisters. My older sister was born three years before me and my younger sister was born four years after me. We have a close relationship. We often play with each other and share our stories, our toys. We have a good bond sisterhood. When I was young, I often play with both my sisters. We pretended to be a mother taking care of baby doll. Those were the precious times of our childhood. We do run into fight, arguing but soon those arguing evaporates and we learn to be good sisters again, who watch out and take care for each other. In school, I was usually a good student who obeys and listen to my teacher. I was good in academic also. I often got rewarded for my academic standing. From my first grade to the end of my high school years, I was always regarded as one of top students in my class. My parents were always proud of me. Although I was really strong academically, I lack social skills. I often have social anxiety, paranoid, that it made really hard to make friends and stayed close for a long time. I often hung out with few friends. I did not have a lot of friends due to my shyness and anxiety. However, most of my close friends are trustworthy, kind hearted, and loving. As a...
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