Personal Development as a Strategic Manager

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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|Title: |HR701 – Unit 7001 - Personal development as a strategic manager | |Unit aim: |This unit is about the leadership skills required by a manager to operate effectively at a strategic level. | |Level: |7 |Unit Number: |7001 | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria | |The learner will: |The learner can: | |1. Be able to identify personal skills to |1.1 Analyse the strategic direction of the organisation | |achieve strategic ambitions |1.2 Evaluate the strategic skills required of the leader to achieve the strategic ambitions | | |1.3 Assess the relationship between existing, required and future skills to achieve the strategic ambitions| |2. Be able to manage personal leadership |2.1 Discuss the opportunities to support leadership development | |development to support achievement of strategic|2.2 Construct a personal development plan to direct leadership development | |ambitions |2.3 Devise an implementation process for the development plan | |3. Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the|3.1 Assess the achievement of outcomes of the plan against original objectives | |leadership development plan |3.2 Evaluate the impact of the achievement of...