Personal Development and Leadership

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Course: MBA (Vietnam)

Level: M

Module: Personal Development and Leadership (MBA4101) – cohort 14

Credits: 12

Assignment: One of one


Date Issued: posted on Moodle on 28th August, 2012

Submission Date:by 2nd November 2012

Tutor:Wes Haydock

Contact Details:Email:

Student ID:1111647

Table of Contents

Section 1: Record Section
1.1 Curriculum Vitae1
1.2 Test Result2
1.2.1Emotional intelligence2
1.2.2 Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B)4
1.2.316 Personality Factor (PF) Model5
1.2.4Big Five Personality Test6
1.2.5Work Preferences and the Team Management Wheel7
1.2.6Linking Skills8
1.2.7Problem Solving9
1.2.8Action Centered Leadership10
1.2.9Managing Conflict11
1.2.10Cognitive Style Indicator12
1.2.11 Transaction Analysis - Ego States and Drivers13
1.2.13 Locus on Control14
1.3Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)14
Section 2: Analysis15
2.1 Case Study 1 – Weekly Report15
2.2 Case Study 2 – Japanese Client17
2.3 Development plan18
Table of Figures
Figure 1: Emotional Intelligence test3
Figure 2: Team management wheel8
Figure 3: Action Circles11
Figure 4: Conflict Handling Style12
Figure 5: Locus Of Control14

Table of Tables

Table 1: FIRO-B test result5
Table 2: 16 Personality Factor Model6
Table 3: Big Five Personality Test7
Table 4: Work Preference8
Table 5: Liking people skill9
Table 6: Problem Solving Test10
Table 7: Action Centered Leadership12
Table 814
Table 9: SWOT Analysis15

Section 1: Record Section
1.1 Curriculum Vitae


Hanoi Open University2009
Bachelor ofBusiness Administration
Ho Chi Minh University of Technology2007
Associate Degree


Prudential Sale agent with a history of surpassing customer and employer expectations. Leverage consultative-sales strengths to identify opportunities, nurture relationships and close deals.

Develop and implement sales plan and manage all phases of the sales cycle-from prospecting to close and follow-up support. Represent a full line of insurance and financial products, serving as a trusted advisor to businesses and individuals. Hire, train and supervise sales support staff, and create a fun and productive work environment.


* Personal sales increase by 20% in the FY2011, outperforming sales targets every month. * Analyze consumer financial performance and risk profile to identify appropriated product * Provided reliable financial consultant, insurance and assets-management services to help clients manage their wealth * Consistently increase annual business referral since joining Prudential despite of the weakness of the economy


"...Tuan process a great combination of motivation, knowledge and interpersonal skills. He is adored by all and a curcial person in our sale department..." –Tri Nhu (Prudential Sale Supervisor)

1.2 Test Result
In order for one to improve personal development and leadership, it is important that he/she knows about his/her weaknesses. Therefore, the author took twelve recommended test to evaluate himself. In this section, the author will present and discuss these test results in the following structure: * Briefly discuss about the evaluation instruments

* Present the outcome after the author finished the tests * Discuss about this outcome and its impact.

1.2.1Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EI) is a concept related a person’s ability to understand, evaluate and manage his/her feelings, aims and behaviors as well as others’. According to Goleman (1995) in his book “Emotional Intelligence”, there are five major component of emotional...
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