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Topics: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree Pages: 7 (1293 words) Published: July 21, 2013
a. Analyse self managed learning theory to show how you may plan and prepare for your own lifelong learning. Then, design and produce your own personal development plan (PDP) that reflects upon and shows evidence of your personal development in the past 12 months and planned in the next 12 months. a. Lifelong Learning is "all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence, within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective." (European Society of Association Management, 2007) The need to modify ourselves according to external needs is dominant and necessary. Our ability of acquiring knowledge that will develop us as individuals, as contributing members of society is the incessant prerequisite for living a rewarding and successful life. The ability to achieve this omnipresent objective is through Self-Managed Learning Theory, the maturation process when adults undertake the task of learning by themselves. (PSA Training and Development Ltd, 2005) I have always wanted to have my own business and be my own boss. After the financial meltdown starting from 2007, my interest was sparked by the financial world. I embarked on the journey of choosing the best degree course for my plans as well as the core subject area I wanted to explore. That's how I chose this degree course of Business Finance. As I realised I wanted to open my own Financial Consultancy business. Currently, I want to complete my first session and thus, first year of my degree course of Business Finance. This will help in carving a niche for me in the Finance industry. After the degree I would do CFA before commencing work on my own business. Going through the various learning theories, I find Kolb's learning theory most useful as it emphasises that the human mind can be an Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist all together, as part of an interlinked process of understanding a matter. (Learning and Teaching Home, 2011) Along with this, an analysis of my SWOTs (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) will make Lifelong Learning achievable for me. My strong points are my reflection on concrete experience and the application of known theories to it; patience, organised-work, self-discipline, time-valuing, and communication skills. My weaknesses that can prove detrimental to achieving my goals are constant self-criticism/perfectionism/lack of self-assurance and losing focus/interest. The opportunities available to me that may help me in my aims are the availability of online learning/research materials to understand my lessons better; and if time permits, part-time jobs will be highly useful for direct application of the knowledge gained. The threats that I fear are if my weaknesses eclipses my efforts and leads to my repeating a module. Luckily, distance learning requires students to be organised and time-conscious to succeed. Additionally, the lessons-design by the RDI team is very affective as it provides numerous exercises and motivations to keep students interested in the subject. The group learning assignments are a further interesting part that will keep me focused. Tutor/mentor support will counteract my lack of self-assurance and doubts. An intelligent use of the vast online research materials will help in my assignment and research-based work. Therefore, with all the combined positivities and efforts, I may overcome my weaknesses and succeed in realising Lifelong Learning.

Development Goals Details

GOAL 1 Secure a place in a reputable University

Goal 1A Research and select the most suitable degree course

Goal 1B Choose the appropriate subject area& select universities October2011 Focus on core subject-area

Goal 1C Attend a minicourse on Finance

Goal 1D Application process to the selected universities

GOAL 2 Successful completion of first year of University

Goal 2A Completion of Induction, Personal Development, Decision Making Modules July2012...
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