Personal Development

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An insurance company has high levels of absenteeism among its staff. The head of administration argues that employees are misusing their leave benefits. However some female employees explained that their family matters interfere with office work. Using the MARS model, as well as your knowledge of absenteeism, discuss some of the possible reasons for absenteeism and how to reduce it. MARS Model seeks to explain individual behavior as a result of internal and external factors or influences acting together. Individual behavior influenced by Motivation, Ability, Role perception and Situational factors (M.A.R.S). People are not motivated to come to work since they don't feel a sense of self-satisfaction in completing their tasks, they don't see room for advancement, don't feel that they are getting paid enough, and don't like their co-workers (or more likely their boss).  The cost of absenteeism is extremely high. In able to diagnose absenteeism problem in the organization, a clearly distinction should be made between voluntary and involuntary absenteeism. Voluntary absenteeism is when employees have a choice of working or not working and they intentionally decide to miss work. Involuntary absenteeism is when employees miss work for reason beyond their control. Some of the common reasons behind absenteeism are as under; 

* Serious accidents and illness 

* Low morale 

* Workload 

* Employee discontent with the work environment 

* Remuneration which continue returns during periods of illness or accident 

* The continuation of income shield plans (collective agreement ) 

* Poor working conditions 

* Boredom on the job 

* Insufficient leadership and poor management 

* Personal problems (financial, marital, substance abuse, child care etc.) 

* Poor bodily fitness 

* The existence of income protection plans (collective agreement ) 

* Transportation trouble 

* Stress

There are numbers of strategies and approaches that can be...
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