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1.0| INTRODUCTION 1.1 Job Role 1.2 Qualifications 1.3 Professional Status 1.4 Career Aspirations 1.4.1 Short Term 1.4.2 Mid Term 1.4.3 Long Term| 45555| 2.0| SKILLS ANALYSIS 2.01 Inception of the EngC & PEI 2.02Chartered Engineer, Roles and Responsibilities’ 2.03 Registration for Academics 2.1 Technical Skills/Knowledge 2.21Information technology (IT) 2.22Oral 2.23Written 2.2 Communication Skills 2.3 Analytical Skills 2.4 Transferable Skills 2.5 Engineering Ethics | 78991010| 3.0| PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 3.1 Mapping to the UK-SPEC 3.2A Use a combination of general and specialist engineering Knowledge. 3.3B Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods 3.4C Provide technical and commercial leadership. 3.5D Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills. 3.6E Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional Standards.| 11111112121313| 4.0| STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES,THREATS (SWOT) ANALYSIS 4.1 Strengths 4.2 Weaknesses 4.3 Opportunities 4.4 Threats| 1616161616| 5.0| CONCLUSION| 17|

7.0| APPENDIX | Hyperlinked|

The purpose of this Personal Professional Development Plan (PPDP) is to describe and define my future career plans, against my present qualifications and experience. My primary objective of the PPDP has identified key areas where the criteria has been met and deficiencies which are evident, I then reflected, planned and addressed these requirements. This continual reflection to reassess your skills, is current in all engineering institutions.

I already complete a minimum of 30 hours Continual Professional Development (CPD), as part of my membership to the Institute for Learning (IfL). This has assisted in bringing more direction and focus to my career development. The Engineering Council places this obligation, through the Welding Institute, that I must enhance my skills particularly through PPDP.

There is a growing need for learning to be recognised, not only by gaining academic achievement such as a BEng or MEng but also to gain acceptance by professional bodies. UK-SPEC state, that I must be a member of one of their 36 Professional Engineering Institutions (PEI), who will then act as the awarding body, confirming my suitability for registration as IEng after completing the BEng, then after completing a MEng to attain CEng registration. The TWI most suits my background and experience.

Career Plan
UK-SPEC United Kingdom Standard for Professional Engineering Competence IEng Incorporated Engineer
CEngChartered Engineer
TWIThe Welding Institute
CPDContinual Professional Development


This report aims to analyse and create a career pathway that will fit my personal goals and support my registration. Firstly as an IEng supported by achieving the Bachelors of Engineering degree (BEng) and then as a CEng on completion of a Masters of Engineering (MEng) I am not, what people term, “from an academic background”, I left school at sixteen and was apprenticed as a Boilersmith with A&P Tyne. I consider, I have undergone significant change to arrive at my current position as a Curriculum Leader at South Tyneside College (STC). Upon starting my apprenticeship, I had drive and ambition, for the first time to achieve. This I did by achieving Distinctions in the City & Guilds (C&G) trade certificates. This encouraged me to leave A&P after completing my apprenticeship; I then travelled the world as a tradesman and as a Foreman/Project Manager. It was later, I realised...
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