Personal Conflict

Topics: High school, High School Musical Pages: 4 (1570 words) Published: February 5, 2008
Life Change
Imagine starting a book that you have to read for class, one that really looks interesting and you can't wait to get into the middle of it to find out who dies, who cheats, or who solves the world's mystery. All of the anticipation is for nothing. You can't read it, your mind wanders and thinks of everything else but concentrating on the story. Some people call it laziness, but to others it is a serious mind problem that just won't let you concentrate no matter how hard you try. I can remember rereading paragraphs multiple times because my mind would wander into some other world; I would still be reading, but unable to absorb the content of the text. My life changing event was when I was finally able to sit down and read a book without being distracted. I was diagnosed with ADD in the winter after many years of being unable to sit down without wandering around or spacing out, I was finally able to focus on my work. I went to the doctor many years before and talked about ADD with him, but he just said I didn't like the book, or I just wasn't interested in the subject. He gave some sheets of paper to my teachers, which they were suppose to fill out and that would tell if I had ADD. A simple paper that a teacher fills out could determine if was qualified to get pills for ADD. I looked over the some of the questions and I was baffled on what they were asking. Some of the questions were: Does the student have friends, Does the student socialize with others. What could those possible have to do with ADD. After my doctor got the tests back he said I don't have ADD. I still knew that I really had it but no one would believe me. I finally went back to him the winter before I graduated high school, because I knew I need to figure something out before I went away to college. College would be nearly impossible for me to do. Everyone running around, playing loud music, every video game you can imagine, what's a college kid suppose to do around that if...
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