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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Review Questions::
Q1. What is computer?
A: A computer is an electronic device that processes data, converting it into information that is usefull to people. Any computer -regardless of its type- is controlled by programmed instructions, which gives the machine a purpose and tell it what to do. Q2. Explain a few of different ways in which a computers can be categorized. A: Computrs can be categorized in several ways. for example, some computers are designed for use by one person, some are meant to b used by groups of people, and some are not used by people at all. They can also b categorized by their power, which means the speed at which they operate and the type of tasks they can handle. Within a single category, computers may be subcategorized by price, the types of hardware they contain, the kind of software they can run and so on. Q3. List six types of computers that are designed for use by a single person. A: 1. desktop computers

2. workstations
3. notebook computers
4. tablet computers
5. handheld computers
6. smart phones.
Q4. Describe the two common designs for desktop computers,
A: There are two common designs for desktop computers. the more triditional desktop model features a horizontally oriented system unit, wshich usually lies flat on the top of the user's desk. many users place their monitor on the top of the system unit. vertically oriented tower models have become the more popular style of desktop system. this design allows the user to place the system unit next to or under the desk, if desired. Q5. How much do notebook computers typically weigh?

A: Laptop computers typically weigh less than eight pounds, and some even weigh less than three pounds. Q6. List four types of computers that are designed for use by organizations, and are commonly used by multiple people at the same time. A: 1. network servers

2. mainframe computers
3. mini computers
4. super computers
Q7.Why are mainfarme systems usually limited in the number of tasks...
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