Personal Competencies

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Emotional intelligence Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Emotional competence
Emotional competence is what the results and enhances our personality and performances. It also helps to us to increase our life’s qualities. Our emotional competence shows how much of that potential we have translated into on-the-job capabilities." ( David Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence ). Emotional Intelligence influences our potential for learning the practical emotional such as personal competence.

Personal Competence

Diagram 1.1 Personal Competence Chart

The diagram above shows that the personal competence has 3 categories which are self-awareness, self-regulation, and also motivation. .

Self-awareness mean having clear perception and thinking about our personality, including strength, weakness, beliefs, and also our emotions. This will helps us to understand other people, and how they perceive us and also our attitude. Self-awareness is divided into 3 different categories.

Diagram 1.2 shows the categories of self-awareness

.a) Emotional self-awareness
- People who have emotional awareness will know that what emotion that they are facing in a situation at that moment. They also will be able to recognize the relationship between their feelings and what they are thinking and saying. At the end, they will also recognize that their emotion will affect their performance and cognizant of their beliefs, values and goals.  b) Accurate self-evaluation

- People who evaluate themselves accurately will be aware of their strength and also will know their weakness and will accept it. They also will be able to make their own reflection and evaluation about themselves. Besides that, they are open to on-going growth and development by accepting to candid feedback, new perspectives, continuous learning, and self-development.

c) Self confidence
- People who present themselves and their views with confidentially and logically. Besides that, they are self-assured and know their...
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