Personal Communication Report

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  • Published : February 18, 2006
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Personal Communication Report
Vanessa Fletcher
April 24, 2005

Personal Communication Report
In today's environment, knowing how to communicate is important. Communication is critical to all organization. Without efficient communication, you cannot perform innovation, understand other in the business world, and have a great expectation of those who work around you to make good decision destiny.

Verbal Communication for me can sometimes be tough; I have a blank mind when it comes to doing public speaking. I remember when I had to do a church program for Black History month; I would always seem to be stuck with this assignment every year. I would have to find a speaker and various choirs to come and participate. In the time of the program I have to always introduce the speaker and I would ask them to do a small bio about themselves but, of course they seem to forget to do one and there I' am trying to come up with words to say about them that I personally would know about the speaker. I have to share my thoughts and make choices on what they have done for the community and how they have been in teaching or their spiritual side of how they become to being in the ministries. It has been a learning experience for me and now when I'm ask to lead on a church program I have it all in order, I have contacts of people who I can depend on to do things for me. I can now form a program committee to help me out on getting different organization to come and perform for either musically or just a speaker to be part of our program. I had another assignment to do but this time it was at work. I had to prepare a presentation for our quality and reliability departments on how software calls Clear Edit Perfect. This software would help on wording, write perfect e-mails, and report papers. This was more of a professional challenge for me because I would have to do this presentation in front of the Vice President and managers of our quality team. I had to make sure that the...
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