Personal Communication Assessment

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Communication skills are vital in life and in business. Having the ability to communicate both efficiently and effectively is one of the single most important skills to have. People who are able to communicate in both settings of life are typically more successful when it comes to business transactions and personal relationships. One of the most important factors in determining ones ability to communicate effectively is if a person has the ability to self assess their communication skills. Being able to perform a self assessment will help one analyze what areas they can improve on and what areas they excel in, which they can use to their benefit at later times.

When analyzing your own skills, it is important to analyze both written and verbal communication skills. However, it is also important to take into consideration non-verbal communication. In order to analyze and assess my own skills I must look at the results and outcomes of previous situations in regards to their success. In addition, I feel that a majority of people know what areas they can improve on and what areas might make them feel a bit uncomfortable, which may be an indicator of self-awareness and intimidation of that specific form of communication. Throughout my academic life I have been put in situations where I would have to demonstrate my written communicational skills. Now that I am older, I have to utilize my written communicational skills at work via email in most cases. Analyzing previous grades and decent feedback on written reports, I believe that my written communication is decent. I would like to improve on this are more as I use written communication more at work. This can be vital in regards to customer satisfaction and working relations. O’Rourke explains in our text that “the most important projects and decisions in the life of a business end up in writing,” explaining how important writing is in business. (125) Becoming an experienced Business writer would be very...
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