Personal Communication

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Personal Communication

By | April 2010
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Poor Interpersonal Communication
Julio Arriaga
Johnny Mcloud-Hoover
Poor Interpersonal Communication
“Your job is more important than your family” yelled the supervisor, on the work floor to an employee when he is about to clock out to go home to care for her sick daughter. “If you clock out I am going to fire you for gross insubordination.” On May 26, 2005 early in the morning, at 7:30 A.M. as usual, the employee had arrived to work to do his daily duties, he is worried because he had left his 12 year old daughter ill at home and all the way from home to work he had thought that it would be better if he had stayed home with his ill daughter but the pressure from work had made him decided to go to his job. Thinking everything wiil be fine at home. But about 8:30 A.M. he received a call from his wife telling him the daughter is sick with fever and that her hand and fingers are swollen, urging him to come home to take the child to the doctor before her situation worsen. At this point the employee approached the supervisor to tell him that he must go home because her daughter is sick and needs medical attention. Supervisor is talking on the telephone and filling out papers and did not care about the employee emergency. He thinks he is just looking for a reason to go home. The employee stated his emergency again but his supervisor insisted that his wife, who is at home, can take care of the situation and he cannot leave because the unit was short handed and need him to work. Then the employee decides to go home because for him the well being of his daughter is more important than his job or whatever his supervisor would do. He clocked out, went home and took his daughter to the doctor. She was treated with Cefaclor (antibiotics) for severe cellulites (pain and swelling of the finger) cause by an insect bite, possible a spider. X rays were also taken to find out if infection had gotten into the bone but luckily the infection did...

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