Personal Code of Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Police, Law Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: November 7, 2010
The formal law enforcement code of ethics and the police subculture, also known as “Cop Code” is totally different. The formal law enforcement code of ethics is based on protecting and serving their communities regardless of the situation. Police officers are to respect the Constitutional rights of all men and women due to the moral standpoint. The “Cop Code” is to protect and serve each other regardless if there are activities conducted in their present that is wrong. It’s like you see evil but speak no evil. You do not suppose to tell on a partner no matter what. The ethical problems created from these conflicts is to be a reliable partner but at the same time you do not want wrong doing to get you into trouble in the long run. This can cause loss of employment, law suits, and even your fellow co- workers treating you badly. Any way you decide to go you feel trapped between employees and incident citizens. These two ethical codes are tied to public perceptions of the role of law enforcement because lots of communities do not trust police officers due to the cruel punishment some people receive in law enforcement custody. Which makes it harder for some local authorities to solve cases without the citizens help. On the other hand you still have some neighborhoods assisting local authorities in their community. This is a broad issue around the world not just America because some people do not take their oath seriously.
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