Personal Classroom Management Plan

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Fourth Grade Classroom Management Plan
Kim Galaviz
April 17, 2011
Stacey Concepcion
Personal Classroom Management Philosophy
Defining classroom management goes beyond the behaviors students’ exhibit and the consequences that follow. • I believe using opportunities that incorporate “real world” learning experiences where consequences are equal to those in the real world • Students must realize that they can change their situation • Providing students with opportunities and situations in which they are required to make choices teaches and fosters self-discipline as well as meeting the need for power. • I believe students need an environment that involves self-discipline, self-respect, and compassion as well as a feeling of belonging and acceptance within their peer group. • a classroom is a community and every student is an equal member • my responsibility to model for my students the way to behave in an appropriate manner, and demonstrate how making personal choices in our behavior can benefit or limit our situation. • creating a learning environment that all students feel safe emotionally and physically before entering a new school year • establishing logical classroom rules and expectations, • engaging student-centered lesson plans

• careful location of furniture,
• organization of classroom supplies
• Developing routines

Rules for Student Behavior
▪ Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking or giving an answer. ▪ Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
▪ Follow directions the first time.
▪ Stay on task.
▪ Come to class prepared.
▪ Verbal praise
▪ A weekly note sent home to inform the student’s parent or guardian of their positive behavior. ▪ Visual aids and monthly contests.
▪ Fun Friday.
Negative Consequences
▪ Give a non-verbal cue.
▪ Move closer to the student.
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