Personal Attributes

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Understand the Personal Attributes Valued By Employers



Page 3Executive Summary

- Personal Attributes

Page 4Personal Attributes
Page 7GANTT Model

- Good Working Practices

Page 8Health and Safety
Page 10Following Organisational Procedures
Page 11Adhering to Legislation

- Personal Skills for Specific IT Job Roles

Page 12Game Designer
Page 14Web Designer
Page 15Programmer

Page 16Conclusion
Page 17Recommendations

Executive Summary

In this report I have discussed what is meant by each of the personal attributes valued by employers and also given examples for each of the personal attributes. I’ve listed the thirteen personal attributes.

← Self-motivation
← Leadership qualities
← Respect
← Dependability
← Punctuality
← Problem solving
← Determination
← Independent workers
← Time management
← Team working
← Written numerical & verbal skills
← Planning
← Organisation skills

I have explained each of the good working practices and why they are important for health and safety, following organisational procedures and adhering to legislation. You will see some research on certain jobs in the IT industry such as Network manager, game designer, web designer, programmer, systems engineer and graphic designer. For three of these I have created a job description for jobs near London.

Personal Attributes

|Personal Attributes |Meaning? |Examples | |Organisational Skills |Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and|Organizing certain documents into | | |implement projects and tasks within an allotted |alphabetical order for effective reading. | | |timeframe. Also involves goal –setting. |Ordering newspapers about ski resorts | | | |alphabetically or in order of ability – | | | |expert or beginner) | |Self-Motivation |Being able to use you initiative in order to undertake|An employee is set a task and would | | |a specific task without using someone’s supervision. |self-motivate themselves in order to | | | |complete the task on time and effectively. | |Punctuality |Being able to keep your time and not be late to tasks |You would have to turn up on time for a 10am| | |such as meetings. |meeting giving a short leeway time such as | | | |10 minutes before the meeting. | |Time Management |Planning the amount of time spent on certain |Creating a to do list which enables you to | | |activities in order to increase effectiveness and |prioritise your activities – completing your| | |productivity. |homework that is due the next day instead of| | | |completing the homework that is due in two | | | |weeks’ time. | |Team Working |A group of people that can work...
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