Personal Application Paper

Topics: Sociology, Family, Mother Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Personal Application of Criminology Paper

Personal Application in Criminology
Once I got off work and turned my phone on, I had a voicemail from my son saying that he staying over at his dad’s house for the night. I called his dad to verify that he was where he said he was going to be. By the time I get off the phone will my son’s father, I pull up at my house to realize that my garage door and kitchen door was open. Before entering, I called my son to ask him did he leave my doors open and he said that he made sure he locked up good before he left. So I decided to go check it out and see if someone was in my house. Walking up to my kitchen door, I pull out my pepper spray just in case I was going to run into trouble. Getting closer to the door, I hear my kitchen draws slamming shut. So I ease up to the door to see my son’s best friend was standing in my kitchen.

Before saying anything to him, I tried to observe and see what he was doing. On the kitchen counter I see a lock pick and some of my jewelry. When I asked what he was doing, I startled him because he jumped and knocked the lock pick and my jewelry off the counter. He then stated that he was looking for a pen and piece of paper to leave my son a note to call him because he left his backpack at his house. I then asked him how he got in and to explain what is he doing with my jewelry. He said that my jewelry was already on the counter and my son left his key in his backpack, that how he got in. I then told him to sit down and I was going to call his mother and my son. Then I told him to sit down and if he cannot give me a better reason for the situation that I was going to call the police. While on the phone with his mother he started crying so she said that she was on her way over. I then called my son’s father and told him to bring my son to the house.

Once my son’s friend mother arrived and a few minutes late my son and his dad arrived, we talking about what was going on and trying to better...
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