Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

Health care communication is the process of sharing health related information with health care professionals, and people seeking care within a medical facility. Using positive health care communication patients are can improve his or her quality of life, health professionals collaborate to resolve difficult solutions, and interact effectively with other health care staff with the patient’s best interest in mind. Effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication health care professionals improve their ability to share information, and interpret responses both personally and professionally. This paper will explain the relevancy of positive health care communication, the effects of inadequate communication, and the theories and principles of therapeutic communication that health professionals use in the health care setting.

Personal health care communication allows an individual to create trusting and supportive relationships within the health care setting. The health care professional begins to establish these relationships with patients and clients during the interview process. Using empathy, positive regard, and congruence the health professional can build a rapport with the patient or client. The health care professional remains aware of aspects from his or her own beliefs, values, and perceptions that may influence these interactions with others. Maintaining a non-threating, nonbiased pattern of communication helps facilitate the patient or client’s ability to discuss openly his or her feelings, concerns, and ultimately cope with health his or her condition more productively (Northouse, 1998). Addressing these concerns the health professional can evaluate the patient’s perceptions, and assess the potential for barriers in care using the health belief model. Understanding the perceptions of the patient allows the health care professional to plan positive outcomes relative to the patient’s...
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