Personal and Professional Goals.

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Goal - The terminal point of race. The end toward which effort is directed. AIM. The score resulting from such an act (Webster 1972 ). Personal - Of related to. Belonging to a person ,private , directed to a single person . (Webster 1972 ) therefore personal goal to my understanding is aim of a person himself or herself. Aim of the person. My personal goal I would like to divide into different categories First professional goals. My goals for my family. My Retirement goals. My short term goal is to complete BSN with University of Phoenix. After BSN I would like to go for either MSN or master’s in education or go for NP as I go further in my BSN program I will decide. That’s for sure that I will not stop here I would continue studding. I would like to be out from the herd mentality. As our professor stated in the class “going to school will remove you form herd mentality, once you finish your bachelors you will be in the 1/3 rd. of the country’s population who have achieved their degrees, who had alleviated themselves. I would like to be placed in that section very soon. I would like to do master’s so that I can be a professor at a university or school of nursing. Ultimately my goal is to be a teacher or be a clinician where I could be my own boss. I would like more flexibility.

My reasons for going to school I would like to continue to grow I want to have the ability to think critically, have a scientific approach In my profession so that I could set an example to my children that education is a lifelong process and it’s never too late to per sue your carrier its possible only if you can put your mind and energy to it. Getting a degree will give sense of pride. Once I advance myself in this profession hopefully it will open door for me in future to generate more income for my family and have a better quality of life.

What will be my measures...
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