Personal and Professional Development

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My own journey to “today”, thankfully, did not happen individually. I smile when I remember so many helpful people who were contributed in my own learning, growing and developing. I came from Lithuania 8 years ago, immediately after finishing my Secondary School. My first work in Ireland was “Argos” shop, based in Cavan Town. This job built on my past particular interest and experience in the Retail and Customer service processes. After spending 3 years in Argos I have decided that I can do something more than just being a sales advisor. So I did 1 year FETAC Level 5 course- Business and Secretarial in Cavan Institute. After the successful training I realized that I need to go for higher studies and get myself in to the Management Environment. In order to achieve these goals I need to keep developing myself in both ways: personally and professionally. In this assignment I intend to look at my competencies; analyze all my strengths and weaknesses and list my Personal Development Plan.

The competencies required by me as a manager

Learning is the method and process which uses personal-power, knowledge and experience to: * make sense of things, (by thinking)
* make things happen, (by doing)
* bring about change, (by moving from one position to another)

Learning involves developing skills and competencies in response to both present and anticipated future challenges. Good managers often have many qualities in common. Below is a list of competencies or characteristics that generally lead to good management skills. Consider how well management job applicants have demonstrated the following capabilities in their previous position.

Typical Management Competencies:

* Analysis Individual Leadership
* Oral Communication
* Customer Service Orientation Initiative Organizational
* Awareness
* Delegation Judgment Quality Management
* Developing Organizational
* Talent
* Managing Work Teamwork
* Empowerment Maximizing Performance Written Communication * Follow-up Negotiation
As a manager and a leader I will be judged not only on the results I have achieved but the level of competence I have attained and applied in getting those results. Competence is about knowledge and skills – what people need to know and be able to do carry out their work well. The following list is an example of competencies required by me to become a good and successful manager: Achievement orientation. The desire to get things done well and the ability to set and meet challenging goals, create own measures of excellence and constantly seek ways of improving performance. Business awareness. The capacity continually to identify and explore business opportunities, to understand the business priorities of the organization. Communication. The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, orally or in writing. Customer focus. The exercise of unceasing care in looking after the interests of external and internal customers to ensure that they wants, needs and expectations are met or exceeded. Developing others. To desire and capacity to foster the development of members of his or her team, providing feedback, support, encouragement and coaching. Leadership. The capacity to inspire individuals to give of their best to achieve a desired result and to maintain effective relationships with individuals and a team as a whole. Planning. The ability to desire on courses of action, ensuring that the recourses required to implement the action will be available and scheduling the programme of work required to achieve a defined end-result. Problem solving. The capacity to analyse situations, diagnose problems and identify the key issues. Teamwork. The ability to work cooperatively and flexibly with other members of a team. However, I think that managerial competencies and skills are not the same. Of course, foreground is important resource which is using by doing any work, but they are not always...
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