Personal and Professional Core Beliefs

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  • Published : September 4, 2012
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Major Concepts
Nature of God
Because I believe the foundation of living is to serve others with the tools God has provided, I use the Bible as a guiding resource, which both she and her siblings were taught as children from the environment in which she was raised to think and to act. It is not until we are adults that we have a sense of individualism. One must define his/her own beliefs and values in life. We are unique just as God created us. One does not have to define who he/she is with scriptures in order to best understand his/her personal and professional beliefs. Our lives are influenced within our environments; our values and beliefs are a continuous growth. God provides individuals with the resources and the tools in life to strengthen our beliefs and validate our values. Nature of Health

Because I believe one must have a sense of inner peace and growth in order to live a life of positive enrichment, I use yoga and mindful meditation, which bring the mind and body in focus and allow for open and positive awareness that allows for individuals to rid the negative energy and welcome the positive energy into the inner core of daily living. Our body is a temple where our soul is housed. When we bring negative karma into our lives we put our bodies at risk of illness. Our body is a healthy state of nature when our minds are focused, emotional well being is inline, and we are at an internal peace within. This is a state of divinity within the body. To keep the mind nourished heals the body.

Nature of Environment
“ Is it true that our environment and cultural competence are based upon understanding and knowledge of how one's own cultural beliefs and values influence the organization of information, perceptions, feelings, experiences and coping strategies?” it involves being able to identify our beliefs and values as individuals. No one individual interprets the meaning of life in the same context as others. Because I believe that each individual is...
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