Personal and Organizational Development

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Introduction of the marketplace for graduate employment opportiunites3
Reflective commentary of career path5

A. Details of identified target position
C. Covering letter
D. Application Form
E. Reports from 4 psychometric tests
i) Type Dynamics Indicator Type at Work Report
ii) Verbal Reasoning Skill Feedback Report
iii) Numerical Reasoning Skills Report
iv) Abstract Reasoning Skills
F. Feedbacks

This essay will reflect the Chinese graduate employment marketplace which is connected with education issues. The proposal to write this essay is comprehend the particular situation of graduate employment opportunities in the home country and actual condition in the general marketplace. Soon afterwards, there is a general comment on the planning career path with professional psychology test that will be focused analyse. Introduction of the marketplace for graduate employment opportunities With the whole national economic strength boost constantly, the education system in China realized the epochal transition from Elite Education to Popular Education. Recently The Ministry Education of China announced that the graduate scale in 2010 is as 6 times as early 21st century, the number of university graduate is 6.6 million and the employment rate is 89.6 per cent, which is increasingly higher than last few years. Over the last ten years, China has seen the most dramatic of opportunity for higher education in human history. After several years of breakneck expansion of the education system, university student enrolment had jumped to 3.4 million while the employment rate is sustained decrease. Graduate employment issue gradually becomes society central point in the evolution process of Chinese workplace market seriously. The number of university graduates growth twofold with each passing year. One third of recent graduates are struggling to find work in China. The representative of the Ministry of Education saying this is the highest rate of unemployment among new graduates since the start of recording statistics in 1996. At the nation level, the statistics reported by different government ministries have relatively large variations, though they seem to be at least as high as 30 per cent. The satiation is becoming worse over time facing the deepening economic crisis in December 2008. The satiation is universally as to be worse for graduates from rural and financial-disadvantage regions, for those whom without good financial circumstance and for the female graduates who face gender discriminations. The huge population in China, university education module, misplacement of course and society needs and the workplace without well-established mechanism, which results in the massive university graduates hard to get job even cannot get jobs. That is obviously in the contemporary society. One of the main reasons that graduates are finding it hard to secure graduate jobs in China is the huge growth in the number of graduates completing degree in Chinese universities, growing from around 1 million per year in 1988 through to the present 6million per year in 2009 making competition fierce. Secondly, the module and course setting in university are not adapted to the development needs of society. Some universities just on the basis of school conditions and teacher strength to set courses, therefore, a number of courses are out of line with society. Because of there is no societal needs. Thirdly, due to the unsymmetrical of graduate employment market information. Universities are establishing employment information publishing platform step by step as well as complete the publishing mechanism, but it still cannot satisfied graduates with the needs of job selection because of the elements of low information, time delay and strong regionalism. Talents are the most expensive resource in 21st...
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