Personal and Criminological Theory

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Working class Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: June 1, 2011
The human brain is very unique and it functions in many ways, giving individuals the power to think, speak, plan, and imagine. However, when individuals commit crimes, the criminal justice system and scientist study that behavior to learn the causes of crime. The needs and motivations of individuals who engage in crime differ based on biological origins, psychological, or socially induced. History has shown that by applying theory it allows researchers to discern why individuals react the way they do to certain conditions. In this paper, I will explain what I believe are the occurrences of crimes and why people commit them. I will also illuminate the variables associated with crime, identify reasons concerning the circumstances and explain techniques used when evaluating the criminal behavior. When situations change it becomes an issue for individuals to adjust. Society categorizes and divided individuals based on race, gender, family, and ultimately the amount of economic resources they have. Society usually divides people into upper class, the middle-class, the working class, and the underclass. The amount of accumulated wealth or property that an individual owns determines the assignment to any class or group. The upper class consists of well to do families that maintain an enormous amount of financial and social resources, but the poor consist of people living in poverty. Depending upon the opportunities available to individuals can affect the individual’s chances in life. Crime occurs and it includes acts such as murder, rape assault, and theft. Individuals commit crime for several reasons, mental disorders, income, education, and economic factors, or a combination of them all. The disproportion of goods for all members of society negates the defined goals and the norms that regulate the means to achieve the American dream. Goals are the valued purposes and interest that America holds as legitimate objectives for all members within its...
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