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  • Published : June 28, 2011
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Personal Action Plan
This past Saturday March 20, 2010, my husband Mike and I had the opportunity to observe people behaving in a restaurant that was not a normal place we would choose to dine and also to celebrate my birthday. The restaurant chosen was the Capital Grille. The reason this was the place I chose is because I rarely eat at places like the Capital Grille, that my assumption were that a higher socioeconomic class would be there to observe and that I would believe to be out of my comfort zone because as mentioned, it was not the normal places I have chosen to eat dinner. My assumption was that I would perceive people who appeared to be wealthy and educated. These people would also not be as friendly as other socioeconomic classes.

My husband and I arrived early to have a drink at the bar and to do most of my observing. Before we walked to the bar, we noticed several small wine cellars with name plates that are reserved for local celebrities such as Maurice Jones-Drew and Jack Del Rio; I was confident I chose a good place for my birthday and my assignment. At first, I believe I was out of place, I am not sure if it was because of this being the first time I had been to the restaurant or it because I was under the assumption that everyone around me was from a high socioeconomic class. During our first drink an older couple started talking to us. The gentleman was a retired captain in the Navy and his wife still working as a nurse. They were both extremely nice, well dressed and bought myself and husband a drink to help celebrate my birthday. After two drinks at that bar, we called to be sat for dinner. During dinner I was able to observe many people around me, people walking to their seats and others waiting at the Maître d’ station. My husband and I also chatted with another table nearby. This is something that rarely happens in most of the restaurants we dine in. The table nearby was also celebrating a birthday. The...
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