Personal Action Plan

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Personal Action Plan
Curtis L. Brink
November 26, 2012
Claire Nomura

Personal Action Plan
This past week in class we have discussed social inequality among other things, like being socially conscious. Ironically, this is a topic which I am personally all too familiar with because of where I am from and where I’ve been I have observed many situations that are socially unequal. Some people would just accept this as “the norm”, but I know it should be different. I refuse to accept that, any Personal class of people is any more or any less than the other. God created all of us equal and we should love and respect one another as such. In the Midwest community I live in we have a neighboring community right across the river and the only thing that separates us is a bridge. The sad thing is this our two cities are as different as night and day. My hometown is a community of more than eighty five percent of its citizens living under the poverty line. The city across the bridge has a flourishing community of upper middle class and rich citizens. I will attempt to explain a little more in depth how different these two cities are and suggest an action plan for solving some of the social inequality and how we all can be more socially conscious of one another. The Whirlpool Corporation’s New World Headquarters will soon be completed in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The Appliance Giant has been a major part of our community ever since it began. How can you have the world’s largest appliance maker’s home base in a city that has the majority of its citizens living below the poverty line? It is easy when you close down the only manufacturing facility it has in the area. The headquarters used to be in St. Joseph, Michigan, right across the bridge where there is only about fifteen to twenty percent of its community living below the poverty line. The thing is, many of those living in St. Joseph today lived in Benton Harbor at one time. They have businesses in the...
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