Person I Admire

Topics: 14th Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama, Cooking Pages: 2 (926 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Person I admire

Have you ever thought of any person as your ideal image? Well, I have! The person I idolize is neither a big celebrity nor the figure of national importance. The person is a common like us, but holds special significance and has the deep attachment with me. That person is female in her late 40’s and about 5' 6" tall. She is medially built weighing around 140 pounds. She has the thick black hair with tan complexion. She typically wears traditional “sari” and blouse. She is no other than my mother. I admire her for her intellectual ability, leadership, friendly behavior, loving nature kindness, remarkable cooking ability. She has always been an inspiring example in my life. My mother is my best friend ever. I grew up in a small village of remote Nepal; there were no kids of my age in the village with whom I could play. In that case my mother used to play with me. She used to give up her work whenever I asked her to lay with me. She used to buy the play things whenever I request her. I used to share all my feelings with her, and there was no any secret that she did not know about me. So we were good friends. In addition, she was always a caring and loving mother to me. Whenever I had to stay long in the night to prepare for the exam, she would wake up to make a coffee for me in the midnight. And she comes to check up my room everyday when I sleep to ensure that I sleep well. It is the love of her towards me that she took me to hospital at the middle of night carrying me on her back when I got slight fever. Any time I have conflict with my father she always takes my side and support me. The other for being my mother my ideal image is her intellectual ability and wisdom. She has the huge knowledge about the culture and traditions. She is a good problem solver. I like the way she finds a genuine solution to the problem. She does not have much educational background, but in my personal account she is far more knowledgeable than a person with higher...
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