Person Who Influences Me

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: March 7, 2013
My dad always says, “You’ll be lucky when you get older if you could count your good friends on one hand”. His quotes always inspire me, not only is he my father but also the person who has influenced me the most, with his dedication and hard work, to my self-esteem, and education. In the first place, my father puts everyone before him. He works all day every day, I don’t get to see him a lot, but he manages to dedicate his time to my mom and I. All my dad has ever known was to work for what you want and that’s what he taught me. I remember when he used to be on us about saving money and working at a young age. I used to think he was crazy but it all makes sense now, he was just trying to say hard work pays off, but to always remember who was with you during your struggle not your success. He guided me and put me a step ahead. Not to mention, my dad keeps my head up no matter what. He’s my reassurance when I need it, more like my right hand. When It comes to guys my dad always says “They’ll never be anyone good enough for my little girl” he’s taught me so much I can trust him. Always smile and make up doesn’t make you look any prettier. According to psychiatric care research has proven fathers who our involved in their daughter’s life play a vital role of self-esteem and how she feels about herself. Therefore, you could only imagine education was the biggest push. It was my dad’s mistake, that he wasn’t letting me make. He guided me up to this point; I’m more achievement and goal orientated. If I’m successful I know who I’ll thank. Education comes first with him if I got a C, it meant I just showed up too class, if I got a D or an F, there went my summer. Scientist predict if a father provides affection his daughter will grow up to be more successful and smarter. In other words, I guess you can say I’m lucky because my dad is one of those few friends I can count on my hand. My father has influenced me the most working 13 hours 5 days a week, keeping my head up...
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