Person Plan for Success Essay

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Raquish Foster
Personal Success Plan
QU 101*E
Professor Engelsgaard
September 14th, 2012

Personal Plan for Success
The question that always stumps me is when people ask what are your goals? I often look at them with unease and we sit until I eventually figure something out. The truth is that it’s hard to suddenly tell someone your goals because whether it’s a profession they are always changing. By changing I mean that people including myself are never sure what they want to do. For example; my goals that I’ve set for myself in high school are certainly different from goals that I am setting for myself in college because I am becoming more mature and my goals are more focused on my future career not where I hope to attend college. Now that this change has occurred my goals are more consistent.

During the summer before my freshman year in college I began to set goals for myself even though I did not know the atmosphere of college life, and how much my mind would be changed. One goal that I set in particular that is still in effect is to get as much help as I could and not be afraid to speak to my professors. This goal is the most important of the goals I’ve set because I will be focusing on this one for the entire time that I am in a school atmosphere. This also was not a goal that was in effect during my high school years because I was not as active as I should’ve been and I regret that.

Along with the goal that has taken effect in my life since high school I plan to graduate college and attend law school; I want to get my mother and little sister out of Newark; I also plan to create an organization that helps young student get out of poor educational atmosphere’s like the SEEDS program did for me; and I would also like to try to do a semester abroad if I can afford to do so. These are the most important goals that I have set for myself because not only do I have motivation to move forward and pursue every one of them, but also because these are...
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