Person Centered Theory

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There are numerous theories that can be used together to make an efficient therapist and provide results for the clients. The person centered theory is designed to focus on humanism, human potential, conditions of worth, orgasmic valuing, the fully functioning person, and phenomenological perspective (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2010). There are three core values in the person centered theory, these are extremely important in the output of clinician-client relationships and facilitating change for positive results in the client. Looking at the therapy universally, these core values can be connected to several other types of strategies and theories to hold a positive outcome for the therapist and client. The value of these aspects across all treatment approaches adds significant changes in a client’s attitude and behavior along with positive thoughts of hope. Theory and therapeutic strategy all leads into client care and outcome. There has been an increasing need of therapists and therapeutic strategy to accommodate the client and their mental health disorders. The existential therapy model will be discussed throughout the paper to distinguish whether psychological dysfunction exists. However, the core values of person centered therapy, assessing the values among all treatment approaches, and figuring whether psychological dysfunction exists in the existential therapy all will be further examined.

The three core values that are pertinent to the person centered theory are congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. They all supply a large role in therapy with clients to break the layered negative aspects and pessimistic thoughts. These core values allow for a relationship to be built with the therapist and client upon feelings of safety, warmth, understanding, which permits the client to lower his guard of defense (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2010). Therapeutically, congruence is considered genuine, authentic, well integrated, and aware of one’s self...
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